Sunday, July 14, 2013


It's beach season!  What is hotter then a summer day?  A man in Epicosity's new mesh swim shorts the {Epic} Big Kahuna Trunks!  Be the high priest of any beach or pool party in these European styled swimming trunks.  The {Epic} Big Kahuna Trunks  comes in 3 color/ fabric versions each changeable by hud.  The huds from all 3 suits are interchangeable with a variety of colors and 15 unique patterns to choose from.  Thank heavens that the "Bathing Suit Regulations" of 1917 are out the door and todays modern man is able to show as much skin and body form as he wishes, well within reason of coarse.  It is hard to believe that at one time men had to wear a skirt on the outside of their full body trunks or flannel knee pants with a vest!  Men had better of followed these regulations or else face a big fine and time in jail!  By the the 1930's the mens swim suit evolved with the introduction of latex and by 1933 men threw off their vests exposing their pecs for all to see!  Sadly though those revolutionary men were arrested.   The revolution was started though and even helped along when B.V.D. teamed up with Olympic swimmer Johnny Weismuller.  The suit they created was the first glimpse of what we now call mens swim wear and became the rage of France and Europe. Then in 1937 American men finally won the right to go topless!  The mens swimsuit has since then seen several adaptations but one that has thankfully never returned is the swim vest!  So enjoy your liberation men and show off those glorious bodies with the {Epic}Big Kahuna Trunks!


What is Vooza?  Vooza is the new store by Epicosity designer Zarolin Milev and fellow mesh virtuoso Senna Asturia.  Quirky and unique Vooza is that cool little shop selling you everything that you had no clue you needed or wanted till you saw it!  Vooza's inaugural release is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, Flippity Flops for Mens Slink mesh feet!  Flippity Flops are color change through a hud giving you 16 color options.  You can find these products at the Epicosity Beach!

Did someone say gift?  Vooza is giving everyone a nice gift, the Vooza Aviator Glasses!  These unisex glasses are mod so you can resize them for that perfect fit and come with a hud to select different frame, lens, and detail options!  So come to the Epicosity Beach Party to get your free Gift!


Here is your wave to the EPICOSITY BEACH PARTY!
We wish to thank Dahriel of *PosESioN* for the amazing poses!  The poses from the Summer Boy and Lady Sexy sets used in these vendor shots will be available at the Epicosity Beach Party soon!

Mr. Big Kahuna - Riot Hax
Red Head Beach Babe - Zarolin Milev
Blond Beach Babe - Kalia Anatine

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