Sunday, October 21, 2012


We are in this round of FAIR, A CHIC Management Monthly Event which opens at 4 pm.  This monthly event focuses on a theme of time with each designer inspired by one hour of the day.  We are inspired by 4 PM so of course in truly epic style we present you with the Afternoon Adventure outfit complete with a sweater, chinos, and nice leather boots.  This outfit is only at the FAIR.

{EPIC} Afternoon Adventure Outfit
Price 600L


Epicosity presents  Fashionably Dead, a Halloween celebration.  Halloween can be both fun and fashionable so we have a special release of the Suits, plus other items to complete your spooky fashion needs.  Never able to keep the fun to ourselves  we have invited several of our friends to come celebrate with us.   There is a great selection for both men and women!  We welcome  PurpleMoon Creations, Miamai, Glam Affair, Tableau Vivant, Ikon Eyes, Vendome, and *PosESioN* to Fashionably Dead.  You will find the Fashionably Dead event in a black shop at the end of the road at the Epicosity main store.

Epicosity presents their suits in Halloween colors and also at half off the regular suit price!








Now to see the rest you will have to come to the Fashionably Dead store at Epicosity.  Just follow the road till the moon shines down and the fog grows thick!

Select Suits are available at PurpleMoon Creations and we would like to thank Poulet for being a wonderful hostess.  She has graciously given us space at PurpleMoon Creations in her New Items area.

(Epicosity Items will not be placed on the market place.  Inworld Event only)