Sunday, July 14, 2013


Whether you call it the monokini, trikini,microsuit, or unikini it is a womans swimming suit that turned the fashion industry on it's ear in the 1960's.  First introduced by Rudi Gernereich the monokini was  seen as immoral, thoroughly hated by fashion designers, and thought of as a fashion joke by the general public.  It was even heralded as the harbinger of death for the bikini.  The joke was on everyone though because in the first season alone over 3,000 monokini's  were sold.  The very first monokini was a simple bikini bottom with halter straps exposing the breasts.  This suit was very revealing and not at all practical for public beaches.   This newly introduced swimming suit turned out to be a bonanza for creative designers and many adaptations to the monokini soon found its way onto runways and clothing racks around the world.  The versatility of this suit was amazing and in an era when the world started mimicking the famous model Twiggy the monokini was a celebration of the hourglass figure.  Simple put to wear a monokini one had to have perfect proportions.  This daring swimsuit is now a fashion industry staple and we see new versions each year.  Epicosity brought in guest mesh designer Mireille Benoir of Quandary to introduce its first womens swim wear this season with the {Epic} Monokini.  In the true spirit of this amazing suit the {Epic} Monokini can be changed via a hud.  We are releasing 3 color/ fabric versions each has 10 fabric to choose from for the top and bottom plus 5 fabric colors for the trim and strap.  Now here is the beauty if you purchase all three suits, you can mix and match colors and fabrics from any hud!  What could make this suit even better?  Applier huds for Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts!  The appliers have two versions one for smaller breasts and one for larger breasts. 



What is Vooza?  Vooza is the new store by Epicosity designer Zarolin Milev and fellow mesh virtuoso Senna Asturia.  Quirky and unique Vooza is that cool little shop selling you everything that you had no clue you needed or wanted till you saw it!  Vooza's inaugural release is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, Flippity Flops for Womens Slink mesh feet!  Flippity Flops are color change through a hud giving you 16 color options.  You can find these products at the Epicosity Beach Party!


Did someone say gift?  Vooza is giving everyone a nice gift, the Vooza Aviator Glasses!  These unisex glasses are mod so you can resize them for that perfect fit and come with a hud to select different frame, lens, and detail options!  So come to the Epicosity Beach Party to get your free Gift!


Here is your wave to the EPICOSITY BEACH PARTY!

We wish to thank Dahriel of *PosESioN* for the amazing poses!  The poses from the Summer Boy and Lady Sexy sets used in these vendor shots will be available at the Epicosity Beach Party soon!

Mr. Big Kahuna - Riot Hax
Red Head Beach Babe - Zarolin Milev
Blond Beach Babe - Kalia Anatine

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