Friday, February 1, 2013


We all know and love the classic snapback baseball cap recognized around the world as the standard of sports players and their fans.  What we know today as the snapback hat came to be the standard for baseball in the era of Babe Ruth in the 1950's.   By the 1980's other sports adopted the snapback and today you will find a wide range of themes for the the bill and front of the hat.  Worn as a fashion statement, to shield the eyes, or part of a uniform it is safe to say that even though the hat goes through small changes each year  it is essentially the same hat that first appeared in Brooklyn in the 1900's.  No matter what the era a snapback hat is in fashion.  Here is our version of the Snapback Hat for guys & gals.

Epicosity provides the following standard sizes= S,  M, and L.

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