Friday, July 20, 2012


I spent 5 hours searching for a good pair of clothing layer boxers for my hubby.  I spent L trying to find ones that were not to high, not to low, or that did not look like they were cut out with a pair of kindergarten safety scissors.  Finally I gave up and decided to look through my notecards only to find out that allot of you have the same problem.  So I caught Zaro in the design studio and pleaded the case for a clothing layer item.   She said absolutely we need to make these our men need them!  Then she preceded to hand draw our Epicosity Boxers in 4 sets.  Blue, Gray, Khaki, and Olive.  Each pack has a light, medium, and dark version.  These go perfect under our pants and shorts, also Riot  pointed out that the boxers work well as a "glitch pant layer" correcting the little problems his AO caused with mesh at his waist band.   We hope you enjoy these.

75L a set


Model - Riot Hax

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Nothing is as nice, as a teacup tush in a pair of great Skinny Jeans.  mmmhmmm!  So we made some!  2 Styles clean and ripped in 4 colors, Black, Grey, Dark Blue, & Light Blue.  Plus our own version of the boot cut....tucked in your boot to be precise!  
420L a pair
1260L a Pudgy Pack

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Slip On's

Did someone says shoe's? mmhmm  Slip Ons... great for any time of year.  What is better then Slip Ons... Comic book hero's, pacman, gears, graffiti, and skulls just to name a few of the 24 separate  styles of Slip On's.    Easy to size with a single low lag script.  Even better you can buy a pair for the woman in your life.  These size down for even the smallest of feet.  More themes to come later, what can we say Zaro loves these Slip Ons!

{EPIC} Slip Ons:

100L a pair
200L a style set for 3 pairs
1200L  a Pudgy Pack of all 24pairs.

Trench coat

When it rains a well dressed man needs a stylish double breasted trench to keep dry.  Epicosity presents this fashionable short trench it comes in 2 styles:  one open to show your clothing layers, and one with our Button Down shirt attached giving you more occasions to wear your Skinny Ties.   The Button Down that comes with the coat comes in 9 different colors with every purchase. To really appreciate this trench I suggest coming over and trying the demo.

{EPIC} Trench Coat comes in:
6 Coat Colors - Coal, Creme, Khaki, Olive, Navy, or Grey
9 Button Down Shirt Color Change undershirt to use the Skinny Tie with.

430 L for 1 Trench Coat
1720 L for a Pudgy Pack