Monday, January 14, 2013


Today we release a cowl neck knit sweater, the Epic Sweater.   This casual sweater is color/ texture change using the Epicosity hud system giving you the choice of solid, striped, and argyle in each color pack.  This is a little different then past releases.  You must purchase the sweater itself in the basic white  for 100L then if you want one of the 3 color/texture packs they are purchased for 175L.  Then there is  the Mini Pudgy packs of 18 color/texture choices for 700L or just splurge and get the best deal of the Pudgy Pack for 1350L and get 37 color/texture choices!  Now this may seem a little odd but we are thinking about inventory and how having 36 different sweaters in your inventory is overwhelming.  So instead we sell 1 sweater is 3 sizes and if want more colors all you have buy is a hud.  Stop by the store to see the demo and test the hud!

Basic White Sweater 100L
1 Color/Texure Choice 175L
Mini Pudgy Pack 18 choices 700L
Pudgy Pack 36 choices 1350L

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